Offering a bottle of wine: what alternatives?

wine bottle gift

Giving wine has become a true institution over the years, a gesture of conviviality and refinement. However, this custom, although widely appreciated, can be complex. How to choose the right wine? How can you ensure that it will be appreciated by the recipient?

In this article, we will explore these challenges and present various innovative alternatives around oenology. From a startup that rethinks the art of wine tasting to sponsoring a vineyard, there are a thousand and one ways to please a wine lover in an original way!

The challenges of the traditional bottle of wine

Choosing the right wine is an art in itself. It is necessary to take into account the taste of the recipient, the terroir, the vintage, the pairing with the dishes, and many other factors. It's a challenge that can be intimidating, even for those in the know. Additionally, once the bottle is opened, the wine begins to oxidize. If not finished quickly, its quality may deteriorate, which can ruin the tasting experience.

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Additionally, cost can be a major barrier. Quality wines, especially great wines, can be very expensive. Offering a bottle of these wines can be a generous gesture, but not always accessible to all budgets.

Wine differently: Flakon

Faced with these challenges, a French startup, Flakon, offers an innovative solution. Flakon offers wine boxes in 100ml bottles, or two tasting glasses. This format allows you to discover a variety of wines without having to buy a whole bottle.

legendary wine flakon box

One of the main advantages of this approach is the optimal preservation of the wine. Using patented technology, wine is transferred from bottles to flasks without contact with air, allowing the flasks to be preserved perfectly for years.

In addition, Flakon offers the possibility of tasting fine wines without having to buy the entire bottle. It's a great way to discover exceptional wines, broaden your oenological horizons and share this experience with others.

Why offer a Flakon box?

Offering a Flakon box is much more than giving wine. It’s about offering a learning and discovery experience. Each box is an invitation to explore the world of wine, to learn about your own tastes and to train your palate. Whether you are a curious novice or an experienced connoisseur, Flakon offers you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of wine and discover new flavors.

flakon learn wine tasting

In addition, each wine offered by Flakon is selected with extreme rigor. Our professionals travel to vineyards around the world to find the rarest and most exclusive wines. They only keep the wines most recognized by experts and most appreciated by amateurs to group them together in gift boxes. Offering a Flakon box means offering a selection of the best wines in the world in a box, carefully chosen for their quality and originality. So, if you want to offer an original gift, you can opt for a subscription to a tasting box which is delivered each month to the recipient's home.

Additionally, Flakon ships worldwide, offering fast shipping methods at great rates. So, wherever you are, you can offer a Flakon box to your loved ones, allowing them to enjoy a unique oenological experience.

Sponsoring vines: a gift for enthusiasts

Sponsoring vineyards is a unique experience that offers total immersion in the world of viticulture. This is an exceptional opportunity to follow the wine creation process, from vine to bottle. As a vineyard sponsor, you will have the opportunity to actively participate in every stage of wine production, from pruning the vine to harvesting the grapes, including winemaking and aging the wine.


One of the major advantages is the possibility of choosing a vintage according to your preferences. You can choose the wine estate where your vines will be cultivated, depending on the region, terroir and style of wine you prefer. It is possible to discover the functioning of a wine estate, accompanied by a winemaker. You will have the opportunity to visit the estate, meet the winemaker and understand the techniques and traditions of viticulture. You will be able to ask questions, learn tips and secrets of winemaking, and even get hands-on during working days in the vineyards.

It’s an immersive gift that Covigneron offers in particular . With organic French winegrowers, the lucky winner will be able to enjoy an authentic and enriching experience. A unique opportunity to participate in the creation of a quality product, while contributing to the preservation of wine tradition.

Many ideas around wine

Although offering a bottle of wine is a tradition that has spanned the ages, it can sometimes seem outdated. Fortunately, many alternatives exist to delight all types of enthusiasts, from beginners to enthusiasts.

wine-sommelier-oenology training

In addition to our selection of these two concepts, it is for example possible to offer training on wine with oenology courses, a precious gift for true amateurs who wish to refine their palate. If becoming educated on the subject and learning how to pair a good bottle is the goal, then a book on food and wine pairings should be the ideal gift!

Another original gift idea is a scratch map of world wines . Each time you taste a wine from a new region, you scratch that region off the map, revealing a vibrant color. A unique way to motivate yourself to discover wines from around the world! Finally, why not think outside the box and offer a French spirit ? Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados... These distilled drinks are another part of French winemaking, offering a palette of flavors and aromas just as rich and varied as that of wine. An essential to have in your cellar for aperitifs!


Giving wine is not a question of tradition, but of sharing and discovery. Whatever alternative you choose, the important thing is to celebrate the diversity and richness of the world of wine, and to share this passion with those close to you.