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The biggest names in the wine market, rare and exclusive

To share

It is because wine is shared that our experiences are designed for two

(1 bottle = 2 tasting glasses)

Guided Tasting

Train yourself in the art of tasting and discover your hidden talent!

The Flakon Box

A black box optimized for the transport and storage of wines

Bottled wines carefully selected from among the rarest and most appreciated in the world

2 tasting booklets to deepen your knowledge


Each bottle has a capacity of 100ml, or two tasting glasses. Indeed, the optimal tasting quantity is 50ml in a professional INAO glass.

Years ! We use multiple patented technology to transfer wine from bottles to flasks, without contact with air , and thus allow the bottles to be preserved perfectly for years.

Thanks to the educational content present in each box, beginners will be able to easily learn what they like and train their palate.

And thanks to our exceptional selection, connoisseurs will be able to discover wines they have never tasted and expand their oenological horizons!

Our bottle format is perfect for tasting great wines and training your palate without having to buy the bottles. Notice to explorers at heart!

According to numerous scientific studies , the aluminum screw caps used on our glass bottles are more effective than cork stoppers for preserving wine, thanks to their constant porosity, storage in all positions, and no risk. cork taint!

Our wines are rigorously selected by professionals from among the rarest and most exclusive wines in the world.

We only keep the wines most recognized by experts and most appreciated by amateurs.

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Flakon ships worldwide and offers fast shipping methods at low rates , or even free for many customers.

More details in our delivery and returns policy.

Each bottle is:

1 wine sourced directly from the winemaker

2 tasting glasses to share (or not)

Recognized great wines selected by professionals

Years of conservation thanks to the patented process (ISO 9001 certified bottles)

Access to your guided tasting

Each box contains two booklets to learn more about winegrowers, wines and practice the art of tasting. Enough to share a good time for two (or more)!

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